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Sexuality & Faith: Interview with Tufts Student
A thoughtful student perspective on intimacy and faith
By: Frances Brumley

Confi Research Findings Video
Is sex expected when students go home together?
By: Team Confi

Skeletons in the Closet Part 2
Tips for managing the talk
By: Team Confi

Skeletons in the Closet Part 1
Should I talk to my partner about my past sex life?
By: Team Confi

Roomie Prenup: How to Avoid Conflict
What to talk through before things go wrong
By: Tess Brooks

The problem with positivity
If empathy was a bridge, then positivity was an island
By: Jennifer Lerner

Spit or swallow
Musings & stats about figuring out what you both want
By: Team Confi

Good enough… or not?
When to be “picky” when dating
By: Allie Dawson