I’ve masturbated at least a couple times a week since high school, but it’s only over the past couple years that I realized with exploration it can keep getting better over time (esp. once you get over any guilt), and that you don’t have to do the same thing every time. In college, I figured out what felt good for me to reach climax (hello clitoris), and I thought that I had mastered my own body. It’s only recently that I’ve let myself have crazy fantasies that I used to stop myself from having because I thought it was too weird or that I wouldn’t actually want to do those things in real life. I’ve also tried touching different places and with different pressures/movement, and actually found my g-spot, which has been even more enjoyable than before. I’m slightly embarrassed to write this, but I found gently putting a finger in my butt while simultaneously touching other places can also really feel great. All-in-all, I think the biggest takeaway has been that trying things has helped me get over any guilt from before and increase my confidence in my body and wants. Some of the things that I’ve learned from masturbating have really helped me direct my partner during sex too, which I used to be too insecure to do. Continuing to explore has been a big win for me!

-27, SF, Female, Skiing