As my number of sexual encounters increases, my level of excitement per encounter decreases. This has made it increasingly difficult to climax multiple times during a sexual encounter. The ability to become erect after climax is known as the refractory period, and my length varies greatly depending on how many times I have slept with a person. To avoid awkward conversations about not being able to perform sexually a second time, I have developed a scheme for ensuring optimal performance. When going out on a date with a girlfriend or sexual partner, I attempt to get her over to my place before the date. While hanging out at my place we engage in foreplay and ultimately have sex. Since we are generally under time constraints for a dinner reservation, there is no pressure for me to perform a second time. We have to get dressed and go. While on the date I continue to be flirtatious and generally find myself getting sexually attracted to her again after 30 minutes. During the date I try to limit myself to three drinks to ensure that I am fully able to perform later in the evening. By the time we get back to my place we are both ready to go and I will go to considerable lengths to make her climax with foreplay before we have sex. If successful at making her climax, I feel that my duty is done and it’s my turn to have fun. After having sex for the second time in a day I feel like she knows I’m a capable lover and my ego is satisfied. If I cant get off for a third time that night, nobody holds it against me.

Another great strategy to fight through post-climax asexuality is to do a quick scene change. If you can’t go out to dinner, go to the kitchen together and grab some water and get a conversation going about anything. Throw on some funny YouTube videos like Flight of the Concords and you’ll completely forget that you’re still refracting. Before you know it you’ll be aroused again and ready to rock and roll.

Bottom line, try to spread out your sexual encounters throughout the night.

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