I recently had Chlamydia for the second time. The first time I was so embarrassed that I created a fake facebook account to tell my partners anonymously. The second time, 5 years later I handled it much more adult like and my partners actually respected me for telling them. Chlamydia is easily cured, I was lucky. BUT I was stupid. So long as I “knew” someone I would not bother asking them to use a condom. I figured anyone I “knew” (NOTE: not dating exclusively) was safe. But the statistics say otherwise, as many men especially don’t even know they are carrying a STD. And I knew the men I was sleeping with were also sleeping with others. I was bound to catch something, I’m just lucky it wasn’t worse! Don’t risk being able to have children or even being able to have sex in the future by having sex now without protection. A guy will always rather have sex with a condom than no sex, and if not then he is not a guy you want to be dating. I like sex a lot, and that is why I am going to require condoms from now on until I end up in an exclusive relationship and we are both tested first. Women should not have to ask for a condom really, but until it becomes the norm then we have to do be the smart ones! Cheers to safe sex!

-26, Stockton, Female, Brown-eyed girl