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What is Confi?


Confi ( is a women’s healthcare organization that is devoted to advancing women and improving their lives through credible health information that de-stigmatizes the most sensitive health issues. We create “big sister advice” — women’s health and sexuality information that is all expert-approved and responds to the needs of our readers and communities. Confi’s mission is to empower women to be confident in their bodies and relationships by providing the most credible women’s health information in an accessible and non-judgmental way. We want to create a comfortable community where people can learn and share. These are issues all women encounter, and we are building a fun space to talk about it.


What is [email protected]?


[email protected] is Confi’s new university chapters program; a network of student organizations from campuses all over the country. At each campus, Confi @ groups work to solve women’s health issues that are heavily specified to each campus’s needs and interests. Confi @ chapters are communities where leaders can support each other, research issues that they’re passionate about, and promote women’s health education and advocacy.


How do I bring [email protected] to my campus?


We’re thrilled you’re interested in chartering a chapter of Confi @ on your campus! First, make sure there isn’t already one by checking out our list of current schools below.  If your school isn’t listed, reach out and let us know why your school needs a Confi @ chapter and why you should be a Founder at our application!


What does being a [email protected] Founder involve?


The [email protected] leadership team is anchored in three Founders, each of whom is responsible for a unique ‘umbrella’ of the work [email protected] is doing on campus and beyond – Writing, Advocacy, and Service.

Writing founders will engage deeply with the educational aspects of Confi, producing regular, credible pieces about the health or sexuality topics that interest you and helping other members to do the same. They’ll also manage the content direction of the club as a whole, based on what your peers need and want to read.

Advocacy founders will be responsible for taking the pulse of your campus’ needs and working to create events and programming that address these problems. They’ll collaborate with other groups on campus – maybe health educators, Greek life, or administration – to promote women’s health as a priority. Advocacy founders will also head up publicity efforts to make Confi’s resources known to the school community.

Service founders will to bring Confi’s information and resources into the greater community. You’ll work with people outside your school to improve health access, reform sex education, or lead discussions around important topics – perhaps giving talks on birth control at a women’s shelter or leading masculinity workshops at your local high school.

That said, every founding member will get to be very hands-on in all aspects of their chapter, and we’ve purposely created a structure that allows for a lot of flexibility and individualization based on what you want to get done for your community. Within each of these umbrellas, there are also opportunities to be officers who focus on more specific ventures, as well as space for general membership!

All founders are responsible for the kickoff of [email protected] – registering as a student group, recruiting members, and identifying specific women’s health problems that you think need to be solved. You’ll get to be the leaders of a group of like-minded, driven people who are just as passionate about women’s health issues as you are. Most importantly, you’ll use Confi’s resources and your skills to plan, organize, and execute events that reflect the specific interests and needs of your community.

What schools already have [email protected]?

Harvard College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tufts University
UC Berkeley
University of Southern California
UC Davis

What do [email protected] groups do?

[email protected] groups make tangible contributions to the improvement of a variety of women’s health issues through work in three main areas: writing, advocacy, and service. Each of these areas will be catered to the specific needs of your campus, and may include activities ranging from combatting sexual assault to increasing the accessibility of healthy food in local convenience stores to writing articles about your individual perspective as a student of your background.

I don’t know much about women’s health yet. Can I still get involved?

Yes! [email protected] groups are at their strongest with people from a diverse set of backgrounds, and we encourage anyone who is interested in women’s health to check it out and grow in their knowledge. Additionally, skills you might have from non-health experiences like editing, graphic design, event planning, or marketing can be very helpful to a [email protected] chapter.

Is this a campus ambassador program?

No! [email protected] is dedicated to bringing important women’s health resources to everyone who needs them. Our goal isn’t to have college women do our work for us, but rather to empower them to learn more, give them to tools to teach and serve, and offer them experiences writing, researching, leading and advocating for what matters to them. [email protected] isn’t about swag or popularity – it’s about passion, enthusiasm, and learning.

Is [email protected] just for women, or just for straight people?

No! [email protected] welcomes members and leaders of all genders and sexual orientations.

Do I have to be a public health major to join [email protected]?

No! [email protected] is for people of all majors, as we work to solve issues that are interdisciplinary.

Can I be involved with [email protected] if I don’t want to write?

During [email protected] chapters’ early stages, when there are fewer members, we do expect members to share the responsibility of writing across the entire membership. However, if your chapter is large enough such that you can be producing 2 articles/week without requiring everyone to write, you are welcome to include non-writing members. Additionally, keep in mind that Confi welcomes pieces from many different styles and perspectives! Is informational-style writing not for you? You may shine writing Editorial pieces on issues that affect you personally!

Is [email protected] a good fit for my school?

Almost certainly yes! We believe that [email protected] is a good fit for every school because it addresses problems that are universal using methods that are specific to your community.

What’s the time commitment like as a member of [email protected]?

Time commitment can vary based on a lot of factors, like how large of a leadership role you have, whether there’s a big event that week, and also characteristics of one chapter to the next. However, general club members are expected to meet weekly, produce at least one article per month, assist with the planning.

How can I learn more?


We’d love to hear from you! Check out our application here, or shoot us an email using the form below!


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