I had already tried 4 different brands of birth control pills + NuvaRing and didn’t love any of them. I would feel irritable before my periods, hated having to pick up a prescription each month (esp. when I was living abroad), and wasn’t perfect about taking it at the exact same time every day (esp. when I traveled for work). I got the Mirena IUD ~2 months ago and am really liking it. It just took 2 minutes for the clinician to insert it – it was more painful than I expected but quick – and I can’t even notice it now. It felt like a very intense menstrual cramp for those couple minutes, and I was sore for about a day (stayed home from work), but now I love that I don’t have to do anything for the next 5yrs.

I had heard that you can stop having your periods over time with Mirena, but for me that happened immediately. I haven’t had a period since and haven’t had much spotting (they tell you spotting is the most common side effect). It’s been nice not having my period and not having the mood swings that I used to feel. Otherwise, I’ve had 0 side effects and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

-26, Boston, Female, Favorite food: Avocado