Our Story



Tess was inspired to create Confi when a close friend awkwardly told her that sex had been hurting her and she was embarrassed to talk to her boyfriend about it. She was even uncomfortable talking to Tess about it, who is one of her best friends. Tess gave her what advice that she could at the time, but it made her realize that there wasn’t a go-to, trusted resource that she could recommend for her friend. Tess asked more friends about the topic to see how common of an issue it was, and found that everyone has questions and insecurities, and people really wish that something existed to make it easier and less awkward.

Confi has evolved over the past two years to explore the ways we can have the greatest impact, initially starting with our free online platform with expert-approved infographics on sensitive health topics, then also expanding into research and sexual assault prevention. Our wheelhouse is translating complex, stigmatized topics into more relatable and digestable content, and we believe a holistic approach is  best for addressing sexuality, reproductive health, mental health, and healthy relationships.

Our team consists of cross-disciplinary people in our 20s passionate about empowering through knowledge and sex positivity, and who deeply understand the student perspective. Our health articles are written and designed by college students, using only vetted resources, and all are validated by an expert in the field to ensure everything is medically accurate. We also incorporate our own research and a data-driven approach to show that most things are more common than people think (you’re “normal”!).



Confi’s mission is to empower people to be confident in themselves, their bodies, and their relationships by providing the most credible health information in an accessible and non-judgmental way. We want to create a comfortable community where people can learn and share. These are topics that everyone encounters, and we are building a fun space to talk about it.

Confi is for people of all sexualities and all gender identities.

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