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This article provides some clarity surrounding our porn culture, the different types of pornography out there, and tips on how to be porn literate!

Swirling images and prescription drugs icon Text: Sex and Drugs

Just like alcohol, drugs can affect your decisions and abilities before, during and after sex. It is important to learn more about drugs and their side effects to educate yourself. Confi does not endorse the use of drugs, but if you decide to add them to your sex life, this article will help you understand the risks and what to expect.

Woman on Bed text: Vaginal Sex from Good to Great

Vaginal sex is the oftentimes the most talked about form of sexual intercourse, however, do you know the facts about vaginal sex, pleasure, and all of the positions. Learn more about clear communications, post-sex information and “How much sex are people having?” Get advice from the Confi community, too!

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Anal sex is becoming more popular, and we cover the main questions, “How common is it?””Where do I start?””How do I make it more comfortable?””Is it safe?””What are some positions I can try?”

Connected wheelchairs disabled parking symbol

Many mental and physical disabilities can make feeling comfortable with your body and sexuality tricky, and can get in the way of having the sex life you want. Here are some tips for modifying sex, handling common problems and concerns, and communicating with your partner about your or their disability.

sexual desire

How can you tell what type of sex drive is normal? What if your sex drive is different than your partner’s? Read more to find out about differing sexual desires, what impacts it, and how to work together in relationships.

kegel exercises

What are Kegel exercises for and how do you actually do them (25% of women don’t know how)? How many reps should you do and what kind of results can you expect? Let the strengthening begin!

Period Sex

How comfortable are women and men with having sex during your period? Is it safe and how can you talk to your partner about it?

Erectile Dysfunction

Have you or your partner ever had trouble keeping an erection hard enough for sex? You’re not alone — 32% of young men said erectile issues were their main concern. Find out more about possible causes and solutions here.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is becoming more common, and many have asked what people actually like best or how to become more comfortable doing it. Read more to see survey results and expert tips.

Blow Job

Oral sex is becoming more common, and many have asked what people actually like best or how to become more comfortable doing it. Read more to see survey results and expert tips.

What is Consent

Consent is the most important part of any sexual encounter (and is incredibly sexy)! Learn about what it truly means, tactical ways to talk about it, and answers to users’ common questions.


#1 advice women say they wish they knew when they were younger: masturbate more (and stop feeling guilty!). Learn how-to tips and the benefits of getting to know your body.

How does alcohol affect sex

Alcohol and sex often go together, but have you ever wondered how drinking can impact sexual experiences? “Liquid courage” may have a more difficult side.

Personal Lubricant

Best kept secret: those who use lubricant LOVE it! How wet you are does not equal sexual desire and definitely doesn’t represent your womanhood. If you’ve never tried it, you gotta read this — research shows lubricant increases sexual satisfaction for most women.


Less than 50% of women aged 18-30 say that they know how to orgasm with a partner. Hear what else people like you are feeling and what relevant research has to offer.