When I was 23, I had a series of infections for 7 months, and it was incredibly stressful and confusing. I didn’t have a lot of symptoms except for white discharge and discomfort during sex. The OB/GYN kept telling me that it’s probably a yeast infection, but then when he finally tested for it, he found that it was a bacterial infection. I took the antibiotics for the bacterial infection, and it seemed like it worked, and then a similar discharge came back. This time, it actually was a yeast infection (antibiotics can make you more prone to yeast infections).

It was one of the most stressful times for me at work, and the infections were putting a strain on my relationship, since I couldn’t have sex with my boyfriend for months.

I wish I knew how common most infections are and I wish I knew that many conditions have the same symptom of white discharge, not just yeast infections.

-26, Boston, Female, Wine lover