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Getting comfortable asking for kink

I have known since I was around 14 that I’m into BDSM, but I always thought it was weird/shameful/abnormal…
-19, Hong Kong, Female, Favorite animal: Panda

When he doesn't have a condom

Last summer I hooked up with a Scottish guy when we were both visiting Venice, and we went back to his airbnb after a few drinks…
-19, Venice, Female, Travel Addict

Pressure to Orgasm

I’ve never orgasmed with a sexual partner and have only ever orgasmed through masturbation. I used to actually fake…
-19, Boca Raton, Female, Favorite Food: Pad Thai

Broken Penis?

It was my first time getting to second base with a boy, and we were in the backseat of his friend’s car. I confidently moved my hand over his…
-20, San Jose, Female, Favorite food: french fries

Masturbation exploration

I’ve masturbated at least a couple times a week since high school, but it’s only over the past couple years that I realized with…
-27, SF, Female, Skiing

Keeping my "count" low/Slut shaming

How many people can you sleep with before you’re considered slutty/easy? When I was 19, I decided the magic…
-27, Boston, Female, Volleyball

Not wanting to be a tease

In college, there were multiple times when I would either dance with a guy for a long time at a party or go back to his room…
-26, Boston, Female, Fav. Color: Blue

1st time

The man I lost my virginity to didn’t know I was a virgin. It feels like a cliche now – he was 9 years older than me and I thought I… -22, SF, Female, Cat lover

Yeast infections

I’ve struggled with recurring yeast infections since childhood, and have finally figured out how to manage them…
-26, SF, Female, Loves ice cream

Communicating to a female

Imagine this… you’re in a relationship that you think is “the real deal” or maybe you’ve met your “one and only”…
-28, Boston, Male, Married and still madly in love after 4 years

Painful periods

When I was 15 I stopped having regular periods – I would get them every 3-5 months and my cramps were painful enough… -22, SF, woman, Eats breakfast food for dinner

The sexiest thing a guy has ever told me

Senior year of college, the first time I slept with my bf after we had been dating for a while, I was kind of nervous…
-26, Boston, Female, Soccer

STDs and condoms

I recently had Chlamydia for the second time. The first time I was so embarrassed that I created a fake facebook…
-26, Stockton, Female, Brown-eyed girl

Never have sex when you don’t want to, even with a bf

When I was 17, I had to have surgery on my ovaries because there was a large cyst (the size of an orange!)…
-26, Boston, Female, Loves travel

Refractory strategy

As my number of sexual encounters increases, my level of excitement per encounter decreases. This has made it increasingly difficult to…
-32, Boston, Male, Business

Yeast infection/Bacterial confusion

When I was 23, I had a series of infections for 7 months, and it was incredibly stressful and confusing. I didn’t have…
-26, Boston, Female, Wine lover

Getting an IUD worked for me

I had already tried 4 different brands of birth control pills + NuvaRing and didn’t love any…
-26, Boston, Female, Favorite food: Avocado


I have to admit, the first time I saw an uncircumcised man, I was scared. It looked so funny…
-26, SF, Female, Favorite Animal: Dolphin


I was 23, a post college grad with a decent job at my mom’s business when I found myself pregnant. I was on birth control at the time…
-26, SF, Female, Dancer

Where to cum?

In one of my past relationships, the guy stopped in the middle of having sex to say, “I’m losing sensitivity because of the condom…
-26, Boston, Female, Dancer


Ladies, are you sexually curious or wanting to try something different? Are you uncomfortable with males or just wanting to take a break…
-29, Boston, Female, Happily married


I used to be embarrassed about queefing during sex, as if it was my fault that air just naturally gets trapped in the vagina during intercourse…
-19, Boston, Female, Engineering Student

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